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Q: Who became president of Haiti in 1991?
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What happened on September 30 1991?

1991 - President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti is forced from office. (Wikipedia)

Who is jean bernard aristide?

He is a priest who became president of Haiti. At first he was a good president but then he turned into a dictator. He was exiled from Haiti to South Africa with the help of the U.S and the French.

Who declared himself President for Life during which time Haiti became a police state?


When did nelson madela became president?

Nelson Mandela became South Africa's president in July of 1991. He also wrote and published his first biography in 1995.

Does Haiti have a president?

Yes and no. Yes, previous presidents of Haiti have died of old age. No. The current president of Haiti survived the earthquake of 2010.

Who controls Haiti?

its the president of haiti who controls the contry

Who was Haiti's priest president?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the first democratically elected president of Haiti.

What year did Haiti became a caricom country?

Haiti became a CARICOM country in 2002, on July 2.

Who became nigerian president after sani abacha and before obasanjo in 1991?

abdulsalam abubakar

What president sent us troops to haiti and Bosnia?

President Clinton sent troops to Haiti and Bosnia.

Is haiti a limited or unlimited?

Haiti has a limited government, which means the president of Haiti can not enforce or perform actions. Haiti is a territory of France.

Who was the worst president of haiti?

The worst president of Haiti was President Michel Martell. Marchers protested their country's high cost of living and government corruption.