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Lots of people. There's Susan B. Anthony, for one; Sacagawea is another, and then there's the presidential series, which has sequentially featured the presidents of the US (in order). The presidential series has recently been cancelled due to the US mint realizing that it doesn't really matter who's on the coin, the US public HATES them and doesn't use them (and probably never will, as long as the one dollar bill remains in circulation).

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Q: Who is on the american one dollar coin?
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What is the value of a 1967 American one dollar coin?

Look at the back of the coin for "HALF DOLLAR" no US dollar coins were struck after 1935.

How much is an American dollar coin 2000 worth?

It's worth one dollar.

What is the value of a native american one dollar coin 2000yr?

It's still worth one dollar.

What is a 1877 England one dollar coin worth?

less than the American dollar bill.

What is the value of a wampanoag treaty one dollar coin?

The date 2011 is on the edge of the coin. It's one of the Native American series of dollars currently in circulation. This reverse is the 2011 issue and is just a dollar!!

Why is the man on the dollar coin?

Any man to appear on an American dollar coin was a U.S. President.

How much is a one dollar 2000 silver American coin worth?

$21 to $44 depending upon the condition of the coin.

What is a dollar coin?

It is a coin worth one dollar.

What is the value of the gold color one dollar coin?

A "one dollar" coin has the value of one dollar!

What native american woman appears on a us one-dollar coin?

I believe Sacajawea was on golden dollar coin in 2003. She is depicted with a child. An interesting fact is that the coin maker did not know any native relatives of Sacajawea, so he modeled the coin from a Native American student in college!!

Roughly how much should one expect to pay for a 50 dollar gold coin?

To find the price of a coin, it much be determined what country the currency is from. The American 50 dollar Gold Liberty Walking Eagle coin can be purchased for roughly $1550.00 American.

What words are on the American dollar coin?