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Q: Who is the president on the 5000 dollar bill?
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Face on 5000 bill?

President on $5,000 five thousand dollar bill: James Madison James Madison was featured on one dollar $1 coin.

Who was on the 5000 dollor bill?

James Madison is on the 5000 dollar bill

What is on the back of a 5000 dollar bill?

This is great rivi stuff because few people can even tell you who is on the $50 dollar bill. Anyway, the $5000 bill was printed from 1928 through 1934. On the front is President James Madison; on the reverse is just 5000 written between The United States of America and Five Thousand Dollars.

Why is James Madison on the 5000 dollar bill?

Yes. This denomination has not been printed for about 75 years. See for a picture.

What president was on the one thousand dollar bill?

The President who was on the thousand dollar bill was Grover Cleveland. The President on the five thousand dollar bill was James Madison.

Who is the president on the 500 dollar bill?

President William McKinley. was on the 500 dollar bill

Who picture is on the 5000 dollar bill?

James Madison

Who is on the American 5000 dollar bill?

James Madison.

What bill was James Maddison on?

There is no specific bill that James Madison, the 4th President of the United States, was on. However, he is often associated with the drafting and promotion of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What president is in the 11 dollar bill?

no president was in the 11$ bill.

Which president is shown on the 5000 bill?

William McKinley

Is there a dollar bill with president Lincoln and president grant on the same bill?