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Q: Who made sure that the government officials did their jobs in china?
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Who made sure government officials in ancient China did their jobs?

anyone in their right mind can :)

What is censorate?

The Censorate was part of the Chinese bureaucracy that made sure government officials were doing their jobs, during the Qin dynasty.

What wealthy class in China was created as a result of the civil service examinations?

Over the years, the civil service examination system created a new wealthy class in China. This group was made up of scholar-officials. Strict rules set the scholar officials apart from society. At the same time, these scholar-officials began influencing Chinese thought and government well into modern times.

How are Egyptian government officials like modern day American officials?

because they both made laws and yeah ;)

How did the spoils system lead to the perception that some public servants and officials were unqualified for their jobs?

Under the spoil system government jobs were filled by patronage, regardless of the skills or qualifications.

What made China weak in 1931?

They were weak because the Japanese had invaded Manchuria which was on the boarder of china this made china's government weak

When was China's government made?

The current government in the Peoples Republic of China was made in 1950, when the communists had total victory in mainland China. The roots of the Party began long before in the early 1920's.

How many different kinds of jobs are there in China and what are they?

China has most of the same jobs America has. They do a lot of manufacturing. A lot of items in your household have a little sticker that says "made in China". The jobs can include being a firefighter, police, vet., doctor, lawyer, artist, writer, and much more.

Why was the people's republic of china created?

Throughout the ancient history of China, it was maintained superiority in technology and sciences. However at the fall of the Qing Dynasty, China's corrupt leaders made China incapable to compete in the modern world. After the empire was overturned in 1911, the Republic of China became government. However, during the Second World War, it was proven that even they were corrupt and more worried about getting rid of the minority party than (as a government) to act as a whole to defend against the Japanese. After WWII, the people (who were poor) were very disappointed in the decisions involving national defense and the money laundries that the government officials committed, and overthrow the corrupt government into a government that would represent the people.

Treaties are made by whom?

Diplomats negotiate treaties, government officials sign them, and national legislatures ratify them.

Who made china one child policy?

It all started in 1979 by Deng soping.

What contribution has China made to the Philippines?

China exports cheaper goods to Philippines that are affordable to most of the Philippines. The China government has also partnered with the Philippine government and is building roads and bridges in the Philippines.