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Q: Who was considered to be the leadet of the Federalists?
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Which group were radicals anti- federalists or federalists?

The group that was considered to be made up of radicals were the anti-federalists. They pushed for more power for the states and a weak central government.

What is Called godless by federalists?

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States of America. He is called 'Godless' by the federalists; others considered him as an Atheist and even an Agnostic.

What is the name of the gathering of prominent New England Federalists who considered secession?

Hartford Convention

Which group favorite the ratification of Constitution?

The Federalist favored ratification of the newly drafted Constitution. Those that opposed the United States Constitution were known as the Anti-Federalist.

Gathering of prominent New England federalists who considered secession?

the hartsford convention

Those who supported adoption of the Constitution were called?

They were called Federalists.

Who wrote a book called 'The Federalists' and what is it about?

The Federalists was written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. This book is considered one of the most accessible renditions ever of a classic of political thought in action.

Were the federalists the north or the south?

The Federalists were the North. The Confederates were the South. Federalists were against slavery and the Confederates were for slavery. Confederates is against the federalists, or opposite the federalists. CONfederalists.

Who were These people supported the Constitution?


What terms is applied to the people who supported the constitution?

Type your answer here... i dont know

What is the antonym for federalists?


What are the opponents of the constitution?

what is a opponet