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Q: Who was the president that signed both the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railroad Act?
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Which president signed both the homestead act and the pacific railroad act?

Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act as well as the Railroad Act of 1862.

The railroad boom began 1862 when president Lincoln signed the what?

The Pacific Railway Act. It was NOT the Homestead act.

Who was the president when the Homestead Act passed?

The Homestead act was signed in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln.

When was the homesteader act passed?

It was in 1862

Who did the homestead act?

On May 20th 1862 President Abraham Lincoln, signed into law the first Homestead Act.

What year did the Homestead act take place?

Lincoln signed the Homestead Act on May 20, 1862.

What was the date when the Central Pacific Railroad began its eastern journey to join the Union Pacific railroad heading west?

The Central Pacific's engine Jupiter and the Union Pacific's engine No. 119 meet on May 10, 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah. No end point had been set for the two rail lines when President Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act in 1862, but a decision had to be made soon.

Who signed the Pacific Telegraph Act of 1860?

President James Buchanan

Who did the Pacific Railway Act?

The Pacific Railway Act was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on July 1, 1862.

What did Lincoln do good except for stopping slavery?

President Lincoln had many achievements which were positive in addition to stopping slavery. Some of those achievements were keeping the country from splitting during the Civil War, he supported the Homestead Act which enabled the poor to go West and claim land, and he signed a bill for the first transcontinental railroad.

Who was founder of the pasific railway act?

The pacific railway act was signed into law by president Abraham Lincoln on July 1,1862.

Who was founder of the pacific railway act?

President Abraham Lincoln is the founder. He signed the act into law on July 1, 1862.