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Q: Why did George Grenville instituted several taxes that affected the colonies and what was his main purpose?
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What was the purpose of George Grenville's revenue policies to?

Force the colonies to pay the enitre British debt

What was George Grenville's main purpose?

what were goerge grenvill's main purpose

Who was most affected by the townshend acts?

The Townshend Acts were passed by Parliament to tax the British colonies in America. The purpose of the tax was to raise revenue in the colonies to pay for the governor's and judge's salaries. The taxes most affected the colonists in America who had to pay the taxes.

What is the purpose for which governments are instituted in the declaration of independence?

they wanted freedom

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What is the purpose for English colonies?


What was the purpose of founding all the colonies?

The main purpose of founding the American Colonies was for the economic benefit and prestige of the mother country, through a system of mercantilism.

Who founded the colonies and for what purpose?

pilgrims and for religious freedom

George Grenville introduced many taxes what was the purpose?

He wanted to keep revenues (money) coming to England because they were in debt from spending too much for colonists on the french and Indian War

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If most bills are handled by joint committees, how might the purpose and structure of Congress be affected??

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The purpose of the Continental Association was to travel through the colonies for what purpose

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The institution of ombudsman was designed for this purpose.