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he made the speech because he tryied to persayed the people to go to be better side. not the Britain's side. that is why he made these waords. "give me liberty or give me death" he was a very good orator.

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Q: Why did Partick Henry make his speech and who was he trying to influence?
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Did partick Henry fight in the Revolutionary War?

yes he did fight in the revolutionary war

Is Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson considered a rationalist and why?

Yes, Partick Henry and Thomas Jefferson were both considered rationalist because they both believed that they could improve there lives through God given reasoning. You can see that they are rationalist through the things they write, Thomas Jefferson's declaration of Independenc and Patrick Henry's Speech to the convention

What was Patrick Henry known for?

Patrick Henry was known for giving inspiring speeches to the colonists about how they should deserve to be free. Henry lead a lot of colonists into the war. Patrick Henry is most famous for saying "i know not what course others may take, but as for me , give me liberty or give me death".

What is the counterclaim in Henry's speech?


What is the speech that Patrick Henry gave in 1775?

Treason speech.

Why does Henry ask so many rhetorical questions in his speech?

In his "Speech to Virginia Convention " Patrick Henry argues that the colonies have already what

What is one way Henry's speech uses figurative language?

. What is one way that Henry's speech uses figurative language?-

Was Patrick Henry sad or happy when he said the speech?

Patrick Henry

How did Patrick Henry address the concerns of the people who did not agree with him?

In 1775 Patrick Henry gave a speech to address the concerns of people who did not agree with him. Patrick Henry's speech was in defense of liberty.

What was Patrick Henry's famous speech?

The "give me liberty or give me death!" speech

What has the author Henry Head written?

Henry Head has written: 'Aphasia and kindred disorders of speech' -- subject(s): Aphasia, Speech disorders

Whose famous speech ended with give me liberty or give me speech?

Patrick Henry