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the framer believed that political parties were factions. a faction is usually a dissatisfied group formed within a larger group. the framers thought that factions might fight to promote the interest of their own members. they feared that the strongest faction would control the government. in such a case, government would not protect equal rights and interests of all the people. instead the government would promote the interests of the party in power.

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Q: Why did the framers fear political parties?
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What led to the rise of political parties in the 1790s?

Factions or political parties came to be because they were against the expectations of the framers of the Constitution

Why did the electoral college cease to fuction as the framers had intended?

The unexpected rise of political parties

Did Framers of the Constitution clearly established political parties?

Absolutely not. Parties are not even mentioned in the Constitution. Parties were a result of differing political views, though not mentioned in the constitution, they are not banned either.

Why did Washington fear political parties?

Washington warned people that he was against divisiveness of political parties and believed political parties weakened natl. Govt. & national unity

What did framers see political parties as?

They saw them as factions and entirely descructive to the Republic. MFitz (

What president outlawed political parties?

Nobody outlawed political parties in the US. The framers of the Constitution did not anticipate their formation and Washington did not like them. Congress outlawed the American Communist Party while Eisenhower was President.

Why were American framers of the Constitution so concerned about limiting the power of the central government?

The Framers feared both the despotism of a monarch and the tyranny of a fixed popular majority. We have problems today understanding this fear because what they made has given way to the rise of political parties and the steady march toward a more inclusive and direct electorate.

Did many of the framers of the constitution want to discourage political parties because they feared that they would divide rather than unite the nation?


Why did the framers of the constitution why not expect political parties?

They thought that government leaders would rise above personal interest in working gather for the sake of the will

Why should the US fear political parties according to Washington?

Washington stressed that the US would split itself apart and lose its sense of unity if everyone split off into political parties.

What issue divided the framers into two parties?


How does a democracy encourage the formation of political parties?

The "framers" of the constitution did not intend for political parties to be created, however the "right vs. left" divide forced it. This same divide has been true throughout history since the dawn of civilization. Its not that democracy encourages political parties. Democracy just allows political parties to be formed, but often when one or two political parties share the vast majority of funds or power, they are able to outspend "third party" candidates by huge amounts and essentially control the entire government.

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