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The people in Canada's accepted the confederation because it would change them from five unimportant colonies into a great and powerful nation, it would remove the barriers to trade among the colonies and provide a market of four million people, Canada would become the third largest sea-going nation in the world after britain and the united states, it would encourage people to come from other contries to settle in Canada, it would provide other markets for their goods, and in case of war all the colonies would stand strong together.

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Q: Why did the people of the Canada's accept confederation?
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How did the Trent affair push canadians towards confederation?

This affair brought Britain to the verge of war with the United States. The Maritimes and the Canadas realized that they might very well become a battleground, they wanted to join together (create the Confederation) to become stronger in battle.

Which state took four years to accept the Articles of Confederation?


Who approves Articles of Confederation?

Each state had to formally accept, or ratify, the Articles.

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When Macdonald arrived in the New World as a boy, with his family, he settled in what was called Upper Canada. At the time of Confederation, he was living in what had been called Canada West which was part of the United Canadas.

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Well this is confederation and maritime colonies WHICH SHOULD be under canadas history not USCan provide railway and money for rodesMaritmes traded by sea with britainNo conections to canada east and canada westNova Scotia boter said no because they would lose there idenitiyLeader tupper said yes

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