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He isn't anymore. In 2005 the nickel was temporarily redesigned so that Jefferson's portrait also faced to the right. However in 2006 it was turned again and Jefferson faces forward on newer nickels.

The decision as to which direction each portrait faced was just coincidence, due to the medals and other sculptures on which the coins' designs were based.

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Q: Why is it that Lincoln is the only President on a coin to look to the right?
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What is the only coin where the president faces to the right?

We know that if E=MC2 you get a slight tilt in the wind the coin be centert to gravity where to facing east or look at it up sidedown :)

What does a 1874 to 1937 san fransico coin look like?

the coin has the president on it

What is the value of a coin dated 1809 with Abraham Lincoln on the front and Lincoln Memorial on the back?

Abraham Lincoln was born in the year 1809, He died in 1865. You probably saw the date he was born. The mint can only make coins of a president when he is dead, so the earliest date would have to be 1865 and the Lincoln Memorial wasn't built until 1917. So if it had the memorial, then at the earliest time it would have had to be made is in 1917. This coin is probably 1 cent. Look for the date it was made by the right side of his head. It should say the date and then a S should be under it.

Is the 1916 S buffalo nickel with E Pluribus Unum lettering under Lincoln's chin rare?

Please look at the coin again. Lincoln has never been on a 5 cent coin.

US coin that feature a president image twice?

Take any penny minted in 1959 or later. Look closely inside the Lincoln Memorial. A very strong magnifying glass may help.

What president is on a five dollar note?

A portrait of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is on the front of the US $5 bill. If you look below the portrait, there's a small caption with his name. All U.S. bills have similar captions that identify both the person on the bill's front and the scene on the bill's back. The Lincoln Memorial is on the back. Lincoln is also on the 1 cent coin, and the Lincoln Memorial was on the back of the cent from 1959 to 2008.

Was the president for the confederacy?

Abe Lincoln, im sure but if not just look it up!

What does president Abraham Lincoln look like?

There are numerous pictures of Lincoln all over the web, and his portrait is on the Five Dollar Bill.

1963 Lincoln half dollar value?

There is no such coin. Look at your Lincoln CENTS to see a picture of Abraham Lincoln. Halves minted in 1963 carry a portrait of Ben Franklin. They're worth about $6.

What was Abraham Lincoln opposed to?

First of all it is Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln opposed slavery and he was president during the Civil War. If you are a student, It would probably helpful to look in your textbook. Also states rights' were an issue to him but not as major as slavery.

How can you tell if you have a real double die 1986 dd Lincoln penny?

Look at it under a lens. If you are still not sure then take it to a coin dealer and have them look at it.

What US President featured on the 5 bill was born on this day in 1809?

Abraham Lincoln of course get them oodles get out a 5 dollar bill and look at it