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Q: Why were the Americans against paying taxes the british?
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How did the American crisis help the Americans?

It helped them became more united towards defeating the British against taxes

Why did the British American have to pay taxes?

The Americans had to pay taxes to the British because the British started the colonies to get profit from it.

Why did the colonists oppose British taxes?

The colonists opposed the taxes because they didn't get any benefits. The British were paying the Native Americans for American scalps if they went beyond the Appalachian Mountains. The British were forcing Americans to buy British goods even though the Dutch were willing to sell the same goods for a better price.

The colonists' initial goal against the British was to?

The colonists initial goal against the British was for lower taxation. Instead of lowering taxes the British increase taxes. The increased taxes led to the Revolutionary war.

Why did the Americans defeat the british in the revolution?

because of taxes

Why did Americans defeat the British in the Revolution?

because of taxes

Why did the Americans revolt against the British?

The Americans revolted because the British were being unfair to them and had imposed too many taxes on them due the the British loss in the Spain war. They found this kind of treatment unfair and decided to win their own country back.

Why did the taxes make Americans mad?

They had no representation in the British Parliament and the taxes were used for revenues.

What did colonists do to let Parliament know they were against british taxes?

The colonists let the Parliament know that they were against british taxes by throwing british goods into the water. This was called the british tea act.

Did the British start the revolution?

No it was the colonist because they where tired of paying outrangous taxes.

Why will Americans stop paying there taxes?

Maybe because they are going to be forced to fund abortions.

What substantially increased the number of Americans paying income taxes?

revenue act of 1942