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Shardas= King of the Dragons

Fenuil= Shardas's Cousin

Theoradus= A shoe collecting Dragon

Amacarin= A literature collecting Dragon, a friend of Theoradus

Velika= Queen of the Dragons, Shardas's mate

Niva= A tapestry collecting Dragon

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Q: What is the name of the princess in dragon slippers?
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What is the name of the alchemist dragon in dragon slippers?

In dragon slippers there is no alchemist dragon. The alchemist dragon is the second and third book is Lenotes, Niva's mate

What is the name of the shopowner dragon slippers?

her name is Derda

In the book Dragon Slippers what is the first Dragon's name?

The first dragon's name, the Dragon of Carlieff, is Theoradus, the dragon who collects shoes. Creel's aunt "sacrificed" Creel to the dragon, but Theoradus only let Creel go with a special pair of slippers. Theoradus lives in a cave and has a hoard of shoes. He also has a speaking pool in his cave. At the end of the first book, Dragon Slippers, Theoradus dies in the Dragon War and Creel is the "Heroine of the Dragon War."

How many pages are in the book dragon slippers?

Dragon Slippers has 324 pages.

How does creel get the slippers in dragon slippers?

She gets taken up to a dragon's lair and bargains with him to give her the slippers in exchange for her leaving

What is the last dragon slippers book?

The last in Jessica Day George's Dragon Slippers series is Dragon Spear.

How many chapters are in Dragon Slippers?

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George has 20 chapters.

What is the name of the princess in dragon lairs?


What is the second dragon slippers book called?

The second book in the "Dragon Slippers" series is called "Dragon Flight". It continues the story of Creel and her adventures with dragons and magic.

Where is dragon slippers located?

Dragon slippers is located in Europe in ancient medevil's located in a book too lol

Does the Practical Princess wear sneakers?

No of course not the princess where's glass slippers

How do you make the glass slippers on webkinz?

Princess hat, funky girl glasses, and ruby slippers