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Q: How would Cleopatra's needle probably have been affected if it has been in the cold dry climate of siberia for 130 years?
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What are siberia's climate and vegetation like?

siberia's climate is a tundra

What is the proper adjective for siberia?


Most of Siberia has a climate that is?


What place in Russia has the worse climate?


What climate zone is siberia?

Siberia has mostly a subarctic climate, which means winters are very long and cold while summers are short and cool. However, some places in Siberia are known to have summer temperatures reach 20˚C.

Does siberia produce bananas?

No. Bananas need a hot climate.

How have people used technology to adapt to climate conditions in siberia?


Why is siberia cli!mate so harsh?

The climate is harsh because it is near the Arctic circle, and because patches of freezing air reside above Siberia.

What country has a climate like that of Siberia?

Alaska, part of the United States has a similar climate as does parts of Canada.

Was Siberia affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident?

No, Chernobyl is in the Ukraine, which is over 1,000 miles from the nearest part of Siberia.

What factors limit the potential of Siberia's resources?

climate, terrain, and chernozem

What do geologists think happened during the last ice age?

A land bridge connected Siberia and Alaska