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Germanic tribes (Franks, Angles, Goths, etc.) all came from the area of NW India in the large area that is now around Afghanistan. I've read that as they moved into Europe ~100-300 AD, so they displaced Celtic culture as the dominant culture (we find no more archeology of Celtic design) but only recently from genetics did science realize that the people were not replaced, Europeans are mostly Celtic genetically (leadership and culture replaced, not all Celts kileld off). SO, I haven't ever read who was here before the Celts (Celtic peoples include many sub-groups including scotts, Gaelic, and britons, probably many more from Europe that I don't know). Welsh and Basques are separate, so I've heard that it's possible that the Celts displaced them at one time, that those cultures covered a larger area way back. Both are linguistically unrelated to anyone else. These are all cultural and anthropolgy names for groups, white skin was before that, and we'll likely never attach a group name to the first 'white people'.

I will cite Publius Cornelius Tacitus Germania:

"The Goths (this includes Britons and Angles) are a race distinct unto themselves. They had emerged almost instantaneously in history, with origins to the distant north".

Afghans and Persians did not migrate out of there current regions, and the genotype of Western Europe is more similar of North America than it is to those of Central Asia. This is a tough question, but they DO NOT COME FROM INDIA!

The Rus were a tribe from Sweden that migrated into present-day Russia, while the Celts are an indigenous peoples who originated in Scotia in the 1st millenia B.C.

Let me point out that the Basque and the Welsh are different, being the Welsh are Celts and the Basques are totally different than the rest, their language is not related to any in w Europe.

The white peoples mostly moved from the east to the west in 3 different groups, The Teutons, The Celts, The Slavics and other smaller groups such as the Latins and Greeks.

The Teutons settled in nowdays Scandinavia and are fathers to the Alemani, Goths, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Saxons, Engles, Alani, Vandals (Germans)and other tribes that took Rome after circa 400 ad, and from them came much later the (circa 800ad) Viking attacks on Europe, Swedish Vikings Russ went into now days Russia and created commerce with Bisnatium now days Istambul Turkey.

Most cultures were not displaced but were absorbed most likely.

The Celts were probably the earliest to arribe in W. Europe and named most of the rivers and cities, they came from the area you discribed (still in debate) and were pushed out by the Cynthians who taught them the art of fighting on a small charriot and on horseback with s battle axe.

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Q: Where did white-skinned people come from?
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