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As long as you disconnect the battery (or batteries) first, you should be fine. Basically, disconnecting at least the negative cable breaks the circuit thus protecting the electronics.

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2006-06-04 13:33:56
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Q: Can you can damage your vehicle's electronic system by welding on the frame and what procedures should you follow to weld on your truck frame?
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How do you fix a rotted out strut tower?

This is a job that will require cutting and welding skills. Go to a salvage yard and cut out a strut tower that is not rusted then weld it into your car. This is most easily accomplished with the engine from your car removed. It will be necessary to remove your strut and mount of course. You will want to remove the wheel so you dont damage the tire with sparks. Other safety considerations are fuel lines, any electrical equipment that runs near the welding area and remember to disconnect your battery before welding on your car.

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