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it sounds to me like it could be your abs motor trying to pressurize. may be low on brake fluid. abs reservoir on my 94' accord is towards front of engine on driver side. there are 2 reservoirs-1 for master cylinder and 1 for abs.

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Q: Clicking noise before and after you start the car it stops when your put your foot on the brake pedal or put the car in drive?
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Why do you get a clicking noise when you press the brake pedal?

you most likely have low brake fluid or if it stops fine its just an annoying noise

Why is my battery dead and i hear a clicking noise coming from your brake light switch when you try to use anything that requires power Power locks power windows lights etc?

You won't hear a clicking noise from my brake light switch it doesn't make that noise.

Dodge Caravan clicking noise?

drive belts tensioner/under chassis

What makes a clicking noise in wheel of 2003 Chevy Suburban?

If it's a 4-wheel drive then it could be the axel joint / CV joint. It could also be the brake pads.

Loud clicking noise when you brake under 10mph?

chekyour tire screws, am sure theres the problem

Clicking Noise in back brake area when stopping?

the most probable cause of clicking on rear brakes are weak return springs or a broken one.

What would cause a clicking noise from a back wheel when you start to drive but stop as you accelerate?

A pebble.

There is a grinding noise when applying the brakes to stop the noise comes from the back brakes i drive a 1.4 vw golf?

brake pads could be worn out. would it be safe to drive for now if the front brake pads are ok?

What causes a clicking noise when accelerating in a maxima?

Coming from the drive wheels? Could be worn CV joints

What is that clicking noise on the roof?

Believe it or not we cant hear that clicking noise on the roof, a description will help you get an answer...

My 1991 Camry makes a clicking noise when you make a turn?

Sounds like your drive shafts need replacing.

Who knows about 02 jaguar x type - clicking noise when you release brake pedal?

That clicking noise you hear when you press and release the brake pedal is the "Shift Lock Solenoid" engaging and disengageing. The shift lock solenoid is located below the center console directly underneath the gear shift lever. That sound is normal.

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