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Dodge ignition switches seem to have this problem. To get going again, take a rubber mallat or similar object, and give the end of the key a reasonably hard thump. Make sure to strike the key exactly on the end and straight on to avoid key damage. This should get you going again. My dodge is a 2000 and I did the same but repeatedly hit it gently and it engaged... I'll follow up with what I did to repair it... but I greased it and kept fiddling with it and got it going.

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2008-03-29 19:23:36
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Q: How do I make the ignition switch turn on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan if it is stuck?
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How do you remove and replace the ignition switch on a 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan?

You will need to remove the retaining ring at the top of your 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan ignition switch. Slide the ignition switch out and remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new ignition switch.

Where is remote start module located on 2008 dodge grand caravan?

behind the ignition switch they go bad often

How do you remove ignition switch from a 1991 dodge grand caravan SE?

drop your steering column... not exactly sure where it is from there but that is the location of it.

Where is the inertia switch on a Dodge grand caravan?

Dodge does not use inertia switches.

Where is the inertia switch on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Dodge does not use inertia switches.

Is there a kill switch on 2000 Dodge grand Caravan And where is it if so?

No kill switch on that van.

Where is the fuel reset for a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan?

A 2009 Dodge Caravan does not have a reset switch, the fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

Where is the fuel cutoff switch 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Dodge does not use inertia/reset switches

1999 dodge grand caravan where is the inertia switch located?

Dodge doesn't use inertia switches.

Is there a kill switch on a 1996 dodge grand caravan if so were would it be?

No, Dodge does not use inertia or kill switches.

Will a brake line for a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan fit on a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan?


Where is the switch for fog lights on the 1999 dodge grand caravan sport?

It is the same as the switch to turn on the headlights. Pull it out toward you.

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