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After beating the elite 4 go to Prof Elm and he will give you a ticket for the SS Aqua.

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Q: How do you get tickets for the SS aqua in Pokemon heart gold?
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Where do you get a master ball in Pokemon Heart Gold?

after the elite four you will get a call on your poke gear from professor elm. he will say to come back to his lab. He will Give you tickets for the SS Aqua and a masterball... Your welcome.. -GlamGlaceon

How do you get the tickets for the SS Aqua in Pokemon Gold?

In Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal the SS aqua ticket can be obtained after defeating the Pokemon League. You will be called to Prof. Elm's lab and he will give you the ticket. Go to Olivine City and Head down the dock. Show the guard your ticket and head on your way to the rest of the Kanto region!

In Pokemon Gold Where is is the metal coat?

In the SS Aqua

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

Where is the guy's missing granddaughter on the SS aqua in Pokemon heart gold?

the guys girl is on the bottom floor of the ship where the engine is in the captains room

How do you get metal coat on Pokemon Gold?

I dont think you will need metal coat in pokemon gold. You can get it in SS aqua.

What is the difference between Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon Gold?

Pokemon Heart gold is different from Pokemon Gold cuz heart gold has better graphics new Pokemon and new events

Is there a wild Pokemon modifier cheat for Pokemon heart-gold version?

yes there is one for Pokemon heart gold

On ss Aqua is there master balls in the trash cans in Pokemon gold?

There are no Master Balls on the SS Aqua in trash cans in Pokemon Gold. A Master Ball is a rare Pokeball obtained from an in-game event.

In Pokemon heart gold how do you get all of the arceus plates?

Go on the S.S aqua and talk to the captain. He will give you a random plate every time you go on the ship.

How do you get out of the Fast SS Aqua in Pokemon shiny gold?

you have to go to sleep in your bed

How do you go to the SS aqua in Pokemon heart gold?

After bating the elite four, go to Prof. Elm. He will give you a ticket. After receiving the ticket go to Olivine City. They will let you on and the SS Aqua will take you to Vermillion City in Kanto.

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