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remove wheel, stick screwdriver between caliper to remove the 1 3/8 nut, remove caliper bracker and rotor, remove 3 bolts from the rear of the sealed bearing unit, try using a 3 prong pulley puller to push the axle slightly in while it pulls the bearing unit out but i would recommend putting your rotor back on the hub and beating it out with a rubber sledge so you don't damage the CV joint. purchase the sealed unit around 120 bucks, and reverse process and don't forget to plug in the ABS unit.

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Q: How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix?
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How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

You can't replace just the wheel bearings. You have to replace the whole hub assembly. Costs about 200 bucks per wheel at a repair shop. I have had both of mine replaced.

Is replacing the front wheel bearings on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix the same as for the 2001?


How do you replace the coil springs on a Pontiac grand am 2000?

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In a Pontiac grand am how do you know which front wheel bearing is bad?

Grand Ams eat wheel bearings, if one is bad you might as well replace both of them as the other will go out in a month or so, I had a 94 and replaced 6 wheel bearings in that car in 113,000 miles.

How do you replace the front turn signal light bulb on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix?

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How do you replace Pontiac vibe front wheel bearings?

The front wheel bearings, of a Pontiac vibe, can be replaced by first removing the front wheel. Next, remove the axle end cap. Remove the bearing and reverse the process to install the new bearing.

Do you have to replace front wheel bearings after replacing front rotor on a 2001 grand marquis?

Not unless you want to - certainly not required though

How do I change the front wheel bearings in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The front wheels bearings are sealed in an assembly. You cannot replace the bearings, just the entire assembly. I priced out the units about 5 years ago and I was quoted anywhere from $150 to $225 each. I asked the parts suppliers if replacing them is a DIY job and most advised against trying it myself.

How do you replace front wheel bearings on a Nissan frontier 4X4 1999?

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How do you do a front-end alignment on a 1994 Pontiac grand prix?

How do you do a front-end alignment on a 1994 pontiac grand prix?

How do you change front wheel bearings on a 96 Pontiac grand-am gt?

The 1996 Pontiac Grand Am is a front wheel drive application. This vehicle has sealed (non-serviceable) and bolt-in wheel/hub bearing units. Removing and replacing them involves removing the wheels/tires, brake rotors and then unbolting the wheel/hub bearings. The General Motors OE front hubs are AC Delco #2025K.

How do you change the front signal light bulb on a 1993 Pontiac Grand AM?

underneith the front bumber twist counter clockwise replace bulb

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