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Yes, but there may be blockage in the cooling system which could cause your car to overheat.

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Q: Is it possible for you to start your car if the heating coil is not working?
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Can coil cause the car not to start?

Yes,without a working coil the engine will not get fire to the spark plugs you can check your coil by using a 12 volt test lamp ground the black wire and connect other lead to negative side of coil, if the light does not flicker when turning the motor over your coil needs replaced

Saturn sl2 wont start?

If the Saturn Sl2 will turn over but not start, check for ignition fire first. If there is no fire then look at the crank shaft sensor and coil pack as possible problem areas.

Why does my Mazda mpv 2.6 not start?

The issue might be the coil pack isn't allow proper firing on the spark plugs. The second issue could be the fuel pump may not be working.

XF falcon won't start and it's not the battery and has new HT leads and coil?

If your XF Falcon won't start and it's not the battery, but a new HT lead and coil is in place, check the fuel line. It might not be receiving enough fuel to get a spark.

When I try to start my 1988 Ford Aerostar it cranks but wont start?

It is hard to say for sure not knowing much about what you have but here is a list of things to check or try found in my Haynes manual. Make sure you have fuel- with a carburetor the choke could be out of adjustment or not working at all- flooded- fuel injectors or fuel pump not working properly- no power to the fuel pump- faulty spark plugs- broken, loose or disconnected wiring in the starting circuit- loose distributor- broken or loose coil wires or bad coil- cracked or plugged fuel line. I hope this may help you.

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Why is there no voltage to coil in start position but has in run position 1993 ford Taurus?

Check your park/neutral safety switch, if it is not working it will cut power to the coil.

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