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There are several bones: ribs (24), sternum, thoracic vertebrae that protect the heart and the lungs and several other organs.

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Q: The bones around your chest that protect organs such as the heart are called what?
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Which bone protects your heart?

Your ribs are the bones that protect your heart.

What is anexample of organ system and parts that form it?

Muscular, nervous, skeletal, digestive, and cardiovascular are all organ systems which are made of organs i.e. muscular system is made of all the organs known as muscels. Another example is the skeletal system. The parts that form it are called bones, and are an example of organs.

What is the heart protected by?

lungs ?The ribcage and intercostal muscles.

As we get older why do are bones get stiff and achey?

Throughout your life, your bones are always moving. Even when you are asleep you move around. Between the joints in your body are layers of protective material, called cartillage. This acts to protect the joints and bones from damage and to act as a lubricant to allow the two bones to move against each other easily.However, as the bones move, and as we get older, the cartilage begins to wear away and eventually is worn through completly. This results in the two bones moving on each other and grinding, causing reduced movement and often soreness and pain. This is called osteoarthritis.There are things you can do to try and slow the onset of Osteoarthritis. Oddly enough, one of them is to get regular exercise. While heavy exercise will cause the cartilage to wear quicker (as it did for me playing American Football), gentle exercise will help strengthen the muscles, allowing them to take more of the strain from the bones, and reducing the amount of pressure that the cartilage is put under.

What is the scientific name for your hand bone?

You have more than one. The bones that are nearest to the arm are called carpal bones (en exist of the scyphoid, pisiform, triquetrum...), the ones that form the parm are calle metacarpals and the bones in the fingers are called phalanges.

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What are the bones around the chest that protect organs such as the heart called?

There are several bones: ribs (24), sternum, thoracic vertebrae that protect the heart and the lungs and several other organs.

What do human bones protect?

Your bones protect your internal organs from injury.

What bones do not protect an internal organ?

Humans have many bones that don't protect internal organs like your finger bones (which are called phalanges and metacarpals)

Do bones protect your organs?


What organs does the clavicle protect?

The only organs that the arm bones protect are blood vessls and the lymph vessles.

Does all bones protect all internal organs?


What protects organ?

Bones and muscles protect organs.

What would happen if bones did not protect your organs?

us organs break up or something like that.

What organs does your pelvis protect?

Bladder, lower colon, lymph nodes, uterus, and vagina

What functions do bones in vertebrate animals?

They support the body and protect the fragile organs.

What organs are protected by bones from the skeletal system?

The lungs and heart. its the ribs that protect it

What 2 parts protect the external reproductive organs?

Skin and the pelvic bones.