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Using incompatible paints can result in devastating results. Do an online search for Ramuc swimming pool paints. They have great information regarding what paints are compatible with others. I believe the web site is

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Q: What happens if you use an epoxy based paint over an acrylic or rubber based paint in a swimming pool?
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When should you use a rubber based paint?

Some paints for concrete swimming pool walls are chlorinated rubber. I don't know of any other applications.

Can you apply an acrylic over oil based polyurethane?

No, acrylic does not adhere well to oil based finishes.

Is acrylic adhesive water based?

Acrylic adhesives can either be water-based(this is also referred to as emulsion or dispersion) or solvent-based

What is the difference acrylic and urethane paint?

acrylic is 'water' based (or dilutable with water, anyway), and urethane is oil based.

Is acrylic enamel paint water based or oil based?

Any paint that has the word 'acrylic' in the title is usually water based.

Are acrylic paints water based?

Yes, they are water based.

Is acrylic paint water based?

Yes, it is water based .

What is acrylic cement?

cementing with polymer based acrylic solvent for bonding surface structures.

Can you use paint thinner in acrylic paint?

Paint thinner is nearly alwys used in oil based paints. If you mix it with mosts acrylic paint the paints it will be ruined - unless of course you have a solvent based acrylic - such as a thermoplastic acrylic.

What is the difference between plastic emulsion and acrylic emulsion?

Acrylic is chemical based resin whereas plastic emulsion is water based.

What is difference between acrylic emulsion and plastic emulsion?

Acrylic is chemical based resin whereas plastic emulsion is water based.

Can you use water based acrylic over waterborne acrylic in a pool?

Are not water based and waterborne two words for the same thing.

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