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King Arthur was king of Camelot, Guinevere was his Queen, and Lancelot was one of his Knights of the round table.

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2010-09-08 18:13:47
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Q: What is the connection between King Arthur Lancelot and Guinevere?
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How did Sir Lancelot and Guinevere betray Arthur?

Sir Lancelot and Guinevere betrayed Arthur by having an affair and running away from him.

Who was wife to King Arthur and the lover of Lancelot?

Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur. Guinevere

What was the major conflict of Guinevere and King Arthur and Lancelot?

king arther was married to Guinevere and she was cheating on him with Lancelot.

Who did Guinevere cheat on with King Arthur?


Who were the lovers of Guinevere?

Sir Lancelot and King Arthur.

What did Guinevere do to betray King Arthur?

Guinevere betrayed her husband Arthur by having an affair with Lancelot, a knight of the Round Table and Arthur's close friend.She had an adulterous affair with Sir Lancelot.

What was the relationship between Guinevere and lancelot?

Guinevere was married to King Arthur, so ruled over Sir Lancelot as Queen. Then, the two fell in love and had an affair, thus causing the Last Battle, in which King Arthur is slayed while trying to kill Lancelot.

Why did guinevere and sir lancelot betray King Arthur?

Sir lancelot and Guinevere betrayed King Arthur because of the extreme romance they have they had an affair and ran away together

Why did Sir Lancelot and king arthur get into a fight?

Because Lancelot had a affair with Queen Guinevere

Who did King Arthur fall in love with after his wife?

Arthur was always in love with his wife Guinevere. When she held an affair with Lancelot, Arthur was stuck in a love triangle, his brotherly love for Lancelot, and his romantic love for Guinevere. He died during the fall of his kingdom, which was when the Lancelot Guinevere love triangle was at its peak. Needless to say, he only loved Guinevere.

What betrayal did Guinevere comit?

Guinevere went off with Lancelot behind King Arthur's back.

How did Guinevere help King Arthur?

Guinevere did not help him really. She got married to Arthur. Lancelot saw she was beautiful and snuck out later with her to spend time with each other. Lancelot and Guinevere ran away. Soon Arthur heard about this affair and ordered to find them ...................... but guinevere didn't want to....................................

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