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Some questions I can think of..... First decide what you want, make a wish list. How much can you afford to spend on rent? Will improvements made help you get a discount on rent from the landlord? What happens if something breaks? Does the owner have homeowners insurance? (you will need your own renters insurance) If you want out of the lease, what are the conditions?

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Q: What questions should you ask before renting a house?
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Should you buy house contents insurance before or after you have rented a house?

The safest route to take is buying the house contents before you rent the house. This ensures the safety of the appliances that come with the house you are renting and if anything was to happen you would be covered.

When renting a house should the stove be included?

It often is included, but it is not required.

You are renting a house in forecloser how do you buy it?

i am renting a house in forecloser and i need info on how to buy it. who do i contact?

What would be the advantage of hiring the services of a home inspector before renting a house?

When renting a house from an rental agency, an inspection is not needed because the houses are already. When renting from someone else, an inspection may find issues that can affect your ability to stay there like mold.

Should you contract with a rental tenant to do repairs on the house he is renting?

Only if you know he is a qualified workman.

Why is renting an apartment usually cheaper than renting a house?

Buying a house is an investment that pays off in the long run.

Does Tim Tebow have a house?

currently no, he was renting a house in Denver

Who is renting susan and mike's house on desperate housewives?

It showed on the last episode of the season that it would be Paul Young renting their house.

Should I rent a house or would renting an apartment be more affordable?

It depends on the area. Don't rent a house if you don't need a lot of space.

What is the average cost for renting a house?

About 10,000

What are the legal rights for housing rent?

You do have some legal rights when renting a house. The house should be clean and liveable, the landlord should tell you when he is coming over to fix the house, the landlord cannot have the locks changed.

Can you suggest a website that informs you on renting a house?

There are numerous sites you can find information on renting a house. But only one is very detailed and has lots of good information: It tells you how to rent a house, what to look for in the house and many other things you might want to know.

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