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Several things: (I'm an agent) 1) How much do you charge and what do you provide for that fee? 2) For what time period should I list my apartment with you? 3) What methods will you be using to find rental candidates? MLS, signs, etc. 4) If I am unhappy, is there a cancellation fee charged to me? 5) Ask them for references to other landlords they have worked for and call them up to see if they were pleased with the tenants that agent found them in the past. 6) Another thing is to ask the agent how she will qualifiy the potential tenant - does she or her office pull the tenant's credit report, criminal background, do an eviction history search, validate the social security number, call the employer to verify employment or will you have to do it? These are essential issues. 7) Will she use a lockbox or show it personally every time? Tip: lockboxes will get more showings for you than if you make the agent be present everytime it gets shown by another agent. Good luck!

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Q: What should you ask a real estate agent who will rent out your apartment?
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