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It's usually a flat plug, directly under one of the tailligts or somewhere between them and behind the bumper.

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2006-03-28 15:49:29
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Q: Where do you locate the tail light wire harness to attach a plug for towing a trailer on a 94 Astro Ex Conversion?
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How do you locate the axle on a trailer?

at list 60% back from the frount

Where to locate stamped vin on utility trailer 6925-01?


Which technology is used to locate specific trailer and even pallets?

Currently, RFID technology is used.

Where could one locate a genuine Airstream trailer?

A genuine Airstream trailer can be purchased at most RV dealers. The Airstream is a luxury recreational vehicle manufactured in Ohio. The very first Airstream trailer was made in 1936 and was called the Airstream Clipper.

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How do you locate the engine control wiring harness on a 95 dodge neon?

The PCM is located on the driver's side above the battery. It's right next to the frame of the car. The harness plugs into the back of the module and is released by unfastening two long screws that connect the harness to the module.

Honda Odyssey alarm problem?

If a Honda Odyssey has an alarm problem, simply pull the hood release latch and locate the hood latch lock in the center of the Honda, in front of the radiator. Locate the wiring harness next to the hood latch on the right side and pull up on the locking tab in the center of the harness and unplug it.

When towing travel trailer both blinkers blink when right turn signal?

The condition you describe suggests that the wiring to or on the trailer was not done correctly. In the towing vehicle there are two separate conductors [wires], left and right, going from the turn signal control switch, one to each of the vehicle's rear turn signal bulbs. When a vehicle is "wired" for trailer lighting, a connector plug pigtail is tapped into the vehicle's tail light, brake light, and turn signal electrical wires. The pigtailed connector plug kit usually contains a color coded schematic diagram indicating which wires on the plug pigtail are to be connected to the vehicle's lighting system, and for the trailer harness. From the connector plug at the front of the trailer tongue, there are separate wires going to the left and to the right turn signal lamps or filaments. There is one of two circumstances causing the error responsible for both turn signal bulbs on the trailer to flash at the same time: 1. The wires in the vehicle pigtail are both connected to the same turn signal wire at the rear of the towing vehicle, or 2. The two separate wires in the trailer wiring harness, or pigtail, are somehow interconnected. The correction for this is to have someone, who knows what he/she is doing, to troubleshoot the connections at the rear of the towing vehicle and in the trailer wiring harness, locate the cause of the interconnect, and properly remove the fault.

How do you take off the left driver side cargo area panel to access the trailer light harness for 2008 Honda CRV?

Hi! I was able to locate the harness with my UHaul trailer installation person. You have to remove the drivers side panel from the rear of the car. There are small notches in the plastic where you can take a screwdriver and pry the plastic away from the frame of the vehicle. I know it sounds crazy, but take that screwdriver and really pry it, there are plastic notches which fit into plastic casings which hold the interior panels together. Once you pry away a small region of the plastic interior cover, just wedge your hands in there and pull some more of the plastic back, this will allow you to access the compartment where the lighting harness connector is located. Once your in, you'll be able to attach your connector, string it through the appropriate openings, and then just push the plastic interior cover back in place through use of the notches. They shouldn't tear on you. Hopefully this helps! andy groton, CT

How do you install a brake controller in 2007 GMC 2500HD?

Trailer Connectionsfigure 13figure 14figure 15figure 16figure 17figure 18TRAILER BRAKE CONTROLLERSHere's how to connect a trailer brake controller to the 2007 Silverado and Sierra pickups. These instructions do not apply to trucks with option JL1 (Integrated Trailer Brake Controls) available on H.D. trucks for 2007. Also, trucks with option TP2 (H.D. availability) already have the 12v battery trailer feed used as part of that RPO.This hookup is entirely different from the earlier Silverado Classic and Sierra Classic.TIP: The owner manual (page 483) refers to 4 wires, but there are 5 wires looped back in the IP harness. The fifth wire is not required with most systems (see table below).1. Locate the trailer brake control circuits looped and taped to the main harness under the IP (fig. 13).2. Pull the trailering wire harness down.3. Match vehicle harness label circuit functions to the trailer brake controller jumper harness functions (fig. 14).TIP: Match functions. The colors of wires that are to be joined together may not match.VEHICLE HARNESS FUNCTIONS Wire ColorFunction Dark Blue Switched power from controller to trailer brakes Red with Black Stripe Fused vehicle power to electrical brake controller Light Blue with White Stripe Brake switch input to power electric brake controller White Ground Orange CHMSL (not required with most systems) 4. After completing the under-IP connections to the electric brake controller, open the hood and locate the red wire taped to the harness between the under-hood electrical center(fig. 15) and the driver side front fender.5. Break the tape on the red wire and pull the wire toward the front of the vehicle.6. Remove the cover from the electrical center.7. Place the terminal on the larger of the two studs (fig. 16) at the front of the electrical center and secure with an M8 nut.A Location of larger studB Existing fuseTIP: The fuse is already present in the vehicle to power the electric trailer brake controller system.AUXILIARY 12 VOLT FEED TO TRAILERThis hookup may be used operate electrical devices in the trailer -- for example, a refrigerator or a battery charger.1. Locate the red wire looped and taped to the chassis harness below the brake master cylinder (fig. 17).2. Break the tape and route the wire to the front of the vehicle under-hood electrical center.3. Place the terminal on the smaller of the two studs (fig 18) on the electrical center and secure with an M6 fastener.A Location of smaller studB Install fuse4. Install a 40 amp fuse to power the circuit.TIP: Devices powered by this fuse will drain the vehicle battery if left connected with the vehicle not running.- Thanks to Steve Love

Were do you locate the wiring harness from the fuel pump to the battery on a 1989 dodge dynasty?

The Dodge Dynasty was produced from the years 1988 to 1993. The wiring harness from the fuel pump to the battery in a 1989 Dodge Dynasty is located very close to the battery terminals.

How to disable alarm on Honda Civic?

To disable an alarm on a Honda Civic locate the brain of the system. The brain controls the alarm. Unplug the brain from the wire harness.

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