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If it cranks but doesn't catch it's probably not the starter. You can pull the coil and the igniter and have them tested at most auto parts retailers, but in general, it's a process of elimination. When you find a part that works, you go on to the next possibility. If it is cranking and not starting, pull 1 spark plug wire and connect it to a spare sparkplug. Lay the sparkplug on a metal part of the engine and crank the engine to see if you are getting a good, strong spark. If you're getting a spark, check the fuel pressure. Don't just assume that if it's not starting that there's something wrong with the ignition.

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2006-03-25 01:03:02
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Q: Your car would not start how do you know it is your starterignition coil igniter or timing belt that is broken?
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Will the engine of an 87 BMW 325 with a broken timing belt start but does not stay on and immediately die?

It will not start with a broken timing belt

Will car start with broken timing belt?

No, it will not.

How do you know if your timing belt is broken on your 1992 Lexus ls 400?

If the timing belt is broken the vehicle will not start.

How do you know if timing belt is broke when driving?

If you can drive the car, the timing belt isn't broken. An engine will not start or run with a broken cam belt.

How do you know if your timing belt is broken?

I think,You can'nt start engine if this happened.

Why does 2001 ford focus backfires through the exhaust and won't start?

Your timing belt has probably worn out, or broken, and has jumped timing.

Symptoms of broken timing belt?

One of the symptoms of a broken timing belt is the very loud sound that comes from the vehicle when you try to turn it on. Even though it is loud, the car will not start.

How can you tell if your timing belt is broken on 1.8t?

if the timing belt is broke, then the car wont start. and u probably bent a bunch of valves.

How can you tell if your Nissan altima timing chain is broken?

One way to tell if the timing chain is broken on your Nissan Altima is to see if it will start. If it starts, it is not the timing chain. You can also remove the distributor cap, have someone step on the gas while you watch the engine. If the rotor moves, it is not the timing chain.

Why 2002 cavalier wont start has fuel and spark?

compression? bad/worn/broken timing chain..

1994 Camry cranks has no spark and will not start?

Sounds like a bad coil or a broken timing belt.

How do you tell if timing belt went out on a 2000 dodge neon?

Engine will not start and run if the belt has broken.

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