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Q: Out of Isorhythm Polyphony Monody and Plainchant which was a popular compositional technique during the renaissance?
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What was the popular compositional technique during the Renaissance?


What is the compositional style with its characteristic of organum?

Organum is a compositional style that originated in medieval music, specifically in the Notre Dame school of polyphony. It involves adding a second voice to a preexisting plainchant melody at a fixed interval, usually a perfect fifth or fourth. This results in parallel motion and adds harmonic richness to the original monophonic chant.

What are the compositional innovations in order from earliest to latest?

The Guidonian hand polyphony Organum Motet

What was the most popular style of renaissance music?


How did polyphony change during the Renaissance?

it changed to homophonic texture

Why did sacred composers on the Renaissance write polyphony music?

To mimick the sound of angels singing

Did the Renaissance harmony and polyphony remain restricted to the music rules that governed most of the Medieval period?


What is Renaissance motet?

A relatively short composition in Latin, made up of short sections in homophony and imitative polyphony

How do you know if music is renaissance music?

Renaissance music started to use more polyphony than monophonic. It also started to have music in the background, compared to a Capella. The music was used to entertainment and not just for religious purposes.

What is the meaning of polyphony?

Polyphony is a musical texture that consists of multiple independent melodic lines or voices sounding simultaneously. Each line is often unique and harmonically interwoven with the others, creating a rich and complex musical fabric. Polyphony is commonly found in classical music, especially in works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

During what musical period did Palestrina compose?

Palestrina was alive 3 February 1525 or 2 February 1526 - 2 February 1594 so in the Italian Renaissance. He has often been seen in Renaissance polyphony. That's all I know.

What is Polyphony Digital's population?

Polyphony Digital's population is 140.