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Q: The word baroque originates from the Portuguese word barocca which means a pearl of irregular shape. Which characteristics are NOT typical of baroque art?
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How tall is Barocca?

Barocca is 5' 10".

When was Barocca born?

Barocca was born on August 24, 1972, in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

What has the author Salvatore Boscarino written?

Salvatore Boscarino has written: 'Sicilia barocca'

What has the author Salvi Castellucci written?

Salvi Castellucci has written: 'Pittura barocca in Valdichiana' -- subject(s): Exhibitions, Criticism and interpretation, Influence

What has the author Santiago Sebastian written?

Santiago Sebastian has written: 'L' Arte Barocca in America Latina' 'Iberoamerica, Siglos XVI-XVIII'

What has the author Giulio Girondi written?

Giulio Girondi has written: 'Abitare nella Mantova barocca' -- subject(s): Buildings, structures, Homes and haunts, Baroque Architecture, Palazzo Valenti Gonzaga (Mantua, Italy)

What has the author Laura Rescia written?

Laura Rescia has written: 'Il mito di Narciso nella letteratura francese dell'epoca barocca' -- subject(s): Baroque literature, French literature, History and criticism, Narcissus (Greek mythology) in literature

What has the author Simonetta Coppa written?

Simonetta Coppa has written: 'Cernusco sul Naviglio' -- subject(s): Domestic Architecture, Dwellings, Farmhouses 'Lombardia barocca' -- subject(s): Baroque Architecture, History, Italian Art, Baroque Art, Architecture

What is the Italian translation of the English word 'baroque'?

Barocca in the feminine and barocco in the masculine are Italian equivalents of the English word "baroque".Specifically, the Italian words are adjectives in their singular forms. They refer to the "elaborate, extravagant, ornate" artistic style which is associated with seventeenth-century Europe. The pronunciations will be "ba-ROK-ka" in the feminine and "ba-ROK-ko" in the masculine.

What has the author Gaetana Cantone written?

Gaetana Cantone has written: 'Il Palazzo Maddaloni allo Spirito Santo' -- subject(s): Architecture, Baroque, Baroque Architecture, Buildings, structures, Criticism and interpretation, Palazzo Maddolini (Naples, Italy) 'Napoli barocca e Cosimo Fanzago' -- subject(s): Architecture, Baroque, Baroque Architecture, Buildings, structures, Church architecture, Criticism and interpretation

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What has the author Alberto Martino written?

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