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the answer is to connect ourselves to cultural context which we are part.

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Q: What were some advances in technology education literature and the arts during the renaissance?
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What advances were made in education during the Renaissance?

During the Renaissance, education saw significant advances such as the rise of humanism, which emphasized the study of classical literature and history. The introduction of printing press enabled the mass production of books, making knowledge more accessible. The establishment of universities and schools expanded education opportunities for a wider range of people.

What period of time beginning in the 1300s during which advances in art science history and literature were made is know the?


How did the Greek culture influence the development of the Roman civilization?

Romans absorbed ideas from them, and because of it, made great advances in law, literature, engineering, art, architecture, technology, science, along with many other areas.

Advances in technology never depend on advances in science?

(true or false)advances in technology never depend on advances in science

What are four ways that society addresses health problems. explain each?

1. Medical Advances: conducting medical research 2. Technology: through the use of comp. (etc) new advances can be made to help people with their health 3. Public Policy: Government policies and regulations (tobacco regulation) 4. Education: health education. Key factor in the prevention of disease and illness

What two advances in renaissance painting techniques?

two advances are sculpting and painting

What podcasts talk about technological advances?

You can view podcasts about technological advances from any of the following places; ISTE, The International Society for Technology Education, The Ed Tech Crew Podcast, and NPR.

What were some technology advances in the 1970s in order?

Technology advances were pocket calculators and touchtone telephones.

A time of great advances in art and science between the 14th and 17th centuries?

The Renaissance

How the Middle Ages was a departure from the Renaissance?

Here is a quick answer. The middle ages was different from the renaissance because the renaissance was basicly a time when the arts music and science reawakened and had some advances to it. People were more interested about art, music, literature, and science in the renaissance. During the middle ages it was not as important to the people, so when the renaissance came the arts were kind of reintroduced to the people. The renaissance lasted from about 1300 to 1600.

What renaissance advances occurred outside the arts?


Are there extra training in nursing?

Because of the constant advances in health treatment, practices, and health technology, there will always be a requirement for continuing education for nurses.