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It has to face the same place it was when it was removed.

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Q: Does the distributor rotor have to face the number 1 plug wire on installation?
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Is it important to face the rotor toward the number one cylinder?

Not if all you are doing is replacing the rotor and/or distributor cap. If you are trying to find the correct way to wire the spark plugs then yes it is very important.

What number does the rotor face in the distributor?

When fitting or removing a distributor, the rotor arm points at No1. You do of course have to rotate the engine, so that No1 cylinder is on compression stroke and the timing marks are in about the right place first. Suzuki jeeps like the SJ 413, Vitara and Samurai are set up on No4 though.

How do you remove distributor rotor on 2000 crv?

I have a 1999 cr-v. With the distributor cap off you must slightly give the key a turn in the ignition (not trying to start it) just to turn the rotor a little. When the teeth on the rotor face the front end of the car you should be able to see a phillip's head screw on the back side that screws directly into the distributor shaft. Unscrew this and the rotor should slide right off. Be careful not to strip the screw, because you might end up having to take off the entire distributor housing to drill it out.

Should the distributor face forward or backward on a Chevy 350?

The distributor should face forward rather than backward on the Chevy 350. It is important to mark the front face of the distributor before removing it.

Which way does the rotor face when you are at top dead center on an 1988 Plymouth voyager 3.0liter?

if the number one piston is at top dead center the rotor should point at number one spark plug wire and rotate toward the next spark plug wire in the firing order.

How do you replace the ignition module of a Pontiac Sunbird?

Undo the two Phillips screws (the lower one is difficult to get) on the distributor cap and remove the cap. Pull the distributor rotor off the shaft. The module is mounted flat across the surface directly below the rotor. It is a semi-circular dark grey or brown piece taking up about half the surface of the distributor face, held on with two small hex-head screws. This is a NOTORIOUS failure item in early Sunbirds, if you have brutally erratic and total no-starts this is something to try early on in the diagnostic game.

Eye and face protection selected for employee use must clearly identify distributor true or false?

It is known that eye and face protection that is given to employee's identify distributor. This is for the safely of the employee's.

What hole on the dist is 1?

As you face the engine the first spark plug wire on your left is connected tot he first cylinder. Trace it back to the distributor and you will have the proper hole. If you have no wires connected then it is usually positioned at about 1 oclock as you face the distributor. (assuming the distributor is properly positioned)

How do you set initial timing to start vortec 350?

you face your distributor to your number 1 which should be the driver front plug.get it to where it starts, then you have to get it timed through your computer at a shop.

How do you change a rotor on a 2002 Jetta?

take the wheel off, remove the two bolts off the back of the caliper, take the caliper off the rotor, take the little star screw out of the the face of the rotor, after that take a mallet and tap the rotor and it should come right off!

When installing a distributor in a 94 s10 4.3 which way should the wires on the distributor face?

Depends some distributors are vertical some horozontal put the plug end in with wires facing away from center of distributor

What is the face value in 2.0541?

The face value of any number is the number itself!

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