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Q: Even though Earth has mass than the Sun the Moon orbits Earth because it's much nearer to it.?
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Which is most likely to be a more frequent visitor of earth a comet or an asteroid why?

An asteroid, because the orbits of the asteroids are nearer to the earth than the comets.

Do the earth and the moon orbit the sun since the moon orbits the earth and the earth the sun?

Yes, while the Earth orbits the Sun, the Moon carries on orbiting the Earth, as it is not as affected by the distant gravity of the Sun as it is by the nearer gravity of Earth.

Even though the sun has a greater mass than earth the moon orbits earth because it's what to earth then to the sun?

It is closer

Where are iceberg?

Icebergs are in the oceans, though they are located nearer to the top section of Earth, where it is colder and they can last.

Why do you say the moon is a satellite of the earth?

Because it orbits the earth

What makes moon orbits earth?

Gravity. The moon orbits the earth because the moon is stuck in earths gravational pull.

Why do we describe the moon as revolving around earth?

Because that is what it does, it orbits the earth.

How much farther away is mercury from the sun?

Sometimes Mercury is nearer than the Sun and some times it is further away - it all depends on where the Earth and Mercury are in their orbits.

Does the earth orbit because the moon orbits us?


Why are you able to see the moon when it orbits behind the earth?

Because of Earth's Tilt.

Why does earth have?

earth has day because it orbits the sun while it revolves on its axis.

What created the Moon's rotation and the revolution?

Because it orbits earth