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The G-spot is the spot in the Female Vagina that most women get the most pleasure from. It takes a little effort to get to the G-spot orgasm though, but the end result is most pleasureable. First you must be comfortable, and it's all the same if your having intercourse, masturbation, or oral. When your feeling like your body is almost there you push down, and most hold their breath, but don't pass out. If you reach the G-spot you will feel more liquid come down then a regular orgasm. This is not urine, it's a clear odorless liquid, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. But there will be alot of it. If you are planing to explore and play with your G-spot, I recommend towels are put down. Note. The G-spot is an area of the vagina, not a neat little "spot" or "button". (From this point of view the actual term is unfortunate. Many women have difficulty finding their G-spot. It's best to look when you are already highly aroused - ideally, after you've had at least one O from clitoral stimulation. It's on the front (inner) wall of the vagina, about half way up. The moment you touch your G-spot you'll experience an intense sensation of pleasure (possibly a sudden gush of fluid too) and you'll want to play with it. Many women find G-spot stimulation ideal for multiple Os (usually by masturbation). Remember that there is likely to be a lot of fluid and you may ejaculate. So, have plenty of cold drinks and, as the above reply says, towels too. Good luck! Once you are happy stimulating your G-spot it might be worth experimenting with stimulating the area *immediately* behind and above the G-Spot. Some women find it drives them wild with excitement. Again, this should never be done from cold ... (This area was apparently first expressly mentioned at a conference in Malaysia late in 2002; and the speaker, an Asian, named it the 'A-spot' in honour of Asia). Women who become adept at having multiple Os from G-spot (and A-spot) stimulation may have an ecstatic 'out-of-body experience' ('floating'). If this happens, don't be surprised and don't panic; just enjoy it. Again, good luck!
The G spot is a spot inside the woman's vulva, near the vagina that causes extreme pleasure when found and stimulated. It can be found in different locations depending on the female.

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Q: What is the G-spot?
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