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You can easily calculate that by referring to the Nautical Almanac, the table of data used by celestial navigators. It happens at a different time each day, because the Moon circles around the Earth.


Firs of all, as seen from most of the earth's surface, the moon is never straight


for the same reason that the sun isn't, but let's not go into that right now.

The moon appears full when it's exactly opposite the sun in the sky, so it lags

the sun's position by 12 hours.

Full Moon rises . . . sunset

Full Moon sets . . . sunrise

Full Moon highest in the sky . . . midnight

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Q: What time is it if the full moon is straight overhead?
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What time is a full moon overhead?

The moon appears full when it's exactly opposite the sun in the sky, so it lags the sun's position by 12 hours. Full Moon rises . . . sunset Full Moon sets . . . sunrise Full Moon highest in the sky . . . midnight And, by the way, if your latitude is more than about 29 degrees, north or south, then the moon can never be 'overhead'.

What time is the new moon overhead?

the new moon is directly overhead at 12 noon.

What time of day will the full moon be directly overhead?

midnight.tilting to be 3:00 or 4:00 in midnight.

Is the moon straight with the earth and sun?

If you mean in a straight line: the position changes all the time. At full moon or new moon, Earth, Sun, and Moon are more or less aligned. At other times they are not.

Can you see the moon at midnight?

On average, the Moon is visible at midnight about half of the time. At the first quarter, the Moon is just setting at midnight; at the full moon, the Moon is high overhead at midnight. At the 3rd quarter, the Moon is just rising at midnight.

Why can't you never see a full moon overhead at sunset?

That would place the moon 1/4 of a full sky away from the sun, but the Full Moon is fullonly because it's 1/2 of a full sky away from the sun. So when the moon is full, it must risefrom one horizon at the same time that the sun is setting at the opposite horizon.

What time is it If the full moon is transiting?

For a body to "transit" means that this body is passing our longitude; it is as near to straight-up as it is going to get. There's a special phrase for when the Sun transits; it is "high noon". If Moon is "in transit", then the Moon is pretty much straight up. If the Moon is precisely full, and straight up, then the Sun must be approximately opposite. So on the other side of the world, it is "high noon". So the time is midnight.

Why do you see a full moon?

A full moon happens when the earth is between the sun and the moon, around the time in the month when the three bodies come as close to a straight line as they can get. The plane that contains the earth's orbit is not the same plane that contains the moon's orbit. So the sun, earth and moon cannot form a straight line every month during the full moon. If there were a straight line formed every month, then there would be an eclipse of the moon during every full moon. When a full moon happens at one of the two 'nodes', where the moon's orbit passes through the earth's orbital plane, there will also be an eclipse of the moon that month. So, strange as it may seem, there are slight variations on the actual 'fullness' of full moons from month to month.

When the Moon is full where is it in orbit around Earth?

At the time of Full Moon, Sun--Earth--Moon are lined up, in that order. The moon appears exactly opposite the sun in our sky. That's why, when we stand with our backs to the sun, we're looking straight at the entire illuminated half of the moon.

At what time does the full moon rise?

At full moon, the Moon rises approximately at sunset.

When is the best time to buy crabs Full moon or New moon?

full moon

What phase must the moon be in during a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse can only occur at the time of Full Moon.The eclipse is caused when the moon enters the earth's shadow. The shadow extends "straight" out behindthe earth, directly opposite the sun, so the moon must be directly "behind" the earth at the time of the eclipse.That's the position where the full lighted side of the moon is visible from earth, i.e. the time of the Full Moon.

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