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Johannes Kepler.

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Q: Who proposed that planets orbit the sun in elliptical paths moving fastest when closest to the Sun?
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When does Neptune orbit the Sun fastest?

Neptune orbits the Sun (as do most planets) with an elliptical orbit. When the orbit takes the planet closest to the Sun it is moving faster than when it is furthest from the Sun when on an elliptical orbit.

Do planets revolve faster around the sun in a certain location of the elliptical orbit?

Yes. The planets travel fastest at perihelion, the closest point to the sun in the orbit, and slowest at aphelion, the farthest point.

Which planets have fastest orbital speed in our solar system?

The ones closest to the Sun.

When is Jupiter closest to the sun?

As is true of all the planets, Jupiter is closest to the sun when it is at perihelion. Planetary orbits are elliptical, and so there is one point per planetary year when they are at their closest, and another point when they are farthest out.

Is the planet Mercury the fastest moving planet in the solar system?

Yes! The closer planets are to the sun the faster they go. Since Murcury is closest, it is the fastest.

How far is jupliter from the sun?

740,573,600 km at its closest, and 816,520,800 km at its furthest point - like most of the planets, it follows an elliptical orbit.

Which planets move in an elliptical orbit?

All the planets move with an elliptical orbit, but with a very low eccentricity.

What is the shape of the planets orbits discovered by keplar?


Where is a planet when it is moving most rapidly in its orbit?

Any object in an elliptical orbit - this would include every planet and natural satellite - is moving fastest when it is closest to the "primary object" around which it orbits; the Sun in the case of the planets, and each planet in the case of a moon. The Earth reaches perihelion, its closest point of approach to the Sun, on January 4 each year, so that's the day at which the Earth is moving fastest in its orbit.

Is mars the only elliptical planet?

I don't know what "elliptical planet" is supposed to mean, but by any reasonable definition I can think of, no, all planets are "elliptical planets".

Who introduced elliptical orbits?

It was Kepler who discovered that the planets orbits are elliptical.

What planet moved in an elliptical orbit?

All planets have elliptical orbits.