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Sparta and Athens united to fight against an invasion of Persia.

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Q: Sparta and Athens united to fight against an invasion of?
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What caused Sparta and Athens to Unite?

The war against Persia. It united all of Greece, including Athens and Sparta.

What wars united Athens and Sparta against and external enemy?

The Persian Wars 490 to 449 BCE.

How could the Persian war have ended if Sparta and Athens had not united to fight the Persian Army?

The Persians would have won if Sparta and Athens had not united to fight the Persian Army

One immediate outcome of the Battle of Thermopylae was that Athens and Sparta finally united true or false?

Sparta and Athens had been allies for some time. Sparta helped Athens in its struggle for democracy in late 507 BCE, and had also sent its army to help Athens at Marathon in 490 BCE 10 years earlier but had arrived too late for that battle. Athens was not present at Thermopylae, its forces were committed to manning its navy at the simultaneous battle of Artemesium. So the answer is False - Athens and Sparta were allies long before joining other southern Greek cities which united to repel the Persian invasion, and remained allies until 460 BCE when they had a falling out.

What was the alliance like between Sparta and Athens during the Persian war?

They each provided major forces for a coalition of southern Greek city-states to resist the Persian invasion. After the invasion was repelled, Sparta left the follow-up action to Athens. They remained allies until Athens converted the anti-Persian alliance into an empire of its own after the Persians gave up trying to enforce peace in the western Mediterranean. Athens over-reached itself and this led to the Peloponnesian War between a Spartan alliance and Athens and its empire. In this war Persia gave assistance to Sparta to help it defeat Athens.

Who won the persion war of 431 bc?

sparta,athens and other city states united against a common foe-the persians. were able to keep the persians from conquering the greeks.

What two city state united to defeat the Persians in the Persian war?

If you mean Sparta and Athens, they were not rivals but supported each other. The rivalry came after the Persian invasion was repelled and Athens turned the Delian League it had led against the Persian Empire into an empire of its own and used its resources to try to dominate the Greek world.

Did Athens or Sparta win the war?

Athens is located on the central plain of Attica or Attica Basin. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains and the fourth side by a gulf. Sparta is located on the Peloponnesus Peninsula. Between Sparta and the sea is the Parnon Mountains on the east and the Targetus mountains on the west They are both in the country of Greece. Athens and Sparta are also cities in Georgia, in the United States, named for their more famous Greek counterparts.

Why did the Greek city-states disunite after Sparta's victory in the Peloponesian War?

The Greek city-states were never united, they formed shifting alliances. The Peloponnesian War was between two groups, Athens and it's empire and the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta. The League won the war, not Sparta. When Athens was defeated, it was stripped of its empire, and became a second rate power. Without the threat of Athens, the city-states began to form other regional alliances which suited their own individual interests and so some of the allies against Athens realigned themselves, with eventually Thebes becoming dominant against a Sparta short on manpower after years of war losses.

What saw a united Athens and Sparta against an Asian?

The Persian attempt to appoint a Persian governor of mainland Greece to stop Greek interference in the Greek city-states within the Persian Empire in Asia Minor.

Why did the Spartans and Athenians unite during the Persian Wars?

Sparta and Athens were natural allies who provided support to each other - Sparta leading the Dorian bloc of independent city-states, Athens the Ionian bloc, with both interested in maintaining peace. So when a Persian expedition was sent to subdue Athens in 490 BCE after its interference in the Ionian Revolt against Persia, Athens naturally asked Sparta for support (however Athens had defeated the Persians at Marathon by the time the Spartans arrived). When Persia sent a full scale invasion in 480 BCE, the southern Greek city-states united to repel it under the leadership of Sparta with Athens providing the largest naval component. They remained friends and allies until 460 BCE, when Athens sent an army to help the Spartans put down a revolt of its serf population. During this campaign they fell out and avoided each other. After the Persians agreed to peace the Athenians turned the Delian League into an empire of its own, became over-adventurous and clashed openly with the Peloponnesian League led by Sparta, resulting in the 27-year Peloponnesian War which Athens lost.

Why didn't the greek unite?

They were very separated by the mountainous land, but in the Battle of Salamis Sparta and Athens united to take down the Persians.