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Q: What is the nouns in the sentence some people left after the first act.?
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Does the sentence she thought you should have left earlier have an abstract noun?

No, the sentence has no abstract nouns, it has no nouns at all. she = pronoun (subject of the sentence) thought = verb you = pronoun (subject of the dependent clause) should have left = verb earlier = adverb (modifies the verb 'left')

How do you use the band word in a sentence with a nouns sentence?

Sentences using 'band" as a noun.She wore a gold band on her left hand.He plays the trumpet in the marching band.

What are the nouns in the sentence Two men went on a fishing trip in the gulf of Mexico and caught 25 fish?

A noun is a naming word. The nouns in the sentence are therefore men, fish, gulf and Mexico.

What is the collective nouns and the correct verb in the sentence two by two the choir has left the stage?

In the sentence:The word 'choir' is often a collective noun, but in this sentence it's not used as a collective noun; it is a singular, common noun and the subject of the sentence.The main verb is 'left' with the auxiliary verb 'has'; 'has left' is the complete verb.

Can gerunds function as nouns adjectivesand adverbs?

Yes, gerunds can function as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs in a sentence. As a noun, a gerund acts as the subject or object of a sentence (e.g., swimming is great exercise). As an adjective, it describes a noun (e.g., I enjoy reading books). As an adverb, it modifies a verb (e.g., She left quickly after finishing her work).

What nouns are capitalised?

Proper nouns, which are the specific names of people, places, organizations, and things, are capitalized in English. Common nouns, which refer to general people, places, things, or ideas, are not typically capitalized unless they appear at the beginning of a sentence.

How do you use coincidental in a sentence?

it was coincidental that we got to the party at the same time even though we left first.

What type of clause is shown in the parentheses carla had left a message on the answering machine about whomever you had spoken to?


How do you pass where it says 'what is the first word of this sentence' in the moRon test on iPod touch?

Click on TRUE on the bottom left corner - this is not a question as there is no '?' at the end, it's just a statement that the word 'WHAT' is the first one in the sentence.

What is the adjective in the sentence you finally left and had a fun day?

The adjective in the sentence 'you finally left and had a fun day' is left & fun.

How many people left England with the First Fleet?


What sentence have an abstract nouns a they did a good job planning the party b you hope that you are not late c she thought you should have left earlierd respect must be earned?

a. They did a good job planning the party.the abstract nouns are job and party.d. Respect must be earned.the abstract noun is respect.