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  • Go into your setting's menu.
  • Select General
  • Select Restrictions
  • Make sure Explicit is turned on.
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Just go to the AppStore and search your song! There should be clean & explicit versions

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Q: How do I listen to explicit songs on my iPod touch?
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Can you listen to your songs on the iPod Touch 3G while playing an app?

Yea, you can.

Can you listen to songs from your ipod touch first generation out of the speaker?

no. unfortunatley, you cannot.

ITunes does not read your iPod touch?

i deleted some of my songs that i hardly ever listen to and unplugged my ipod for like 10 minutes and then it worked :)

How do you get your iTunes songs on your iPod touch?

if you plug your iPod into your computer it will sync your music to your iPod. Or you can buy your songs with the iTunes app on your iPod touch.

What is the least amount of songs you can download on an ipod touch?

The least amount of songs you can download on an iPod Touch is 0 songs.

Do you have to have survice to listen to songs on the ipod touch?

I dont know what you mean by service because the only connectivity the Ipod touch has is WI-FI and that is not required to play downloaded media only to stream media.

How can i get a different iPod's songs on to my iPod?

iTunes from you're computer or if it's an iPod Touch from the iPod Touch

You just bought the iPod Touch and you want to transfer all your songs from your old iPod to the iPod touch?

If you already have the songs on your computer you just simply need to sync your ipod touch with your computer.

The cost of the iPod touch?

8gb Ipod touch- 1,750 songs 10 hours of video= $229.00 16gb Ipod Touch- 3,500 songs 20 hours of video= $299.00 32gb Ipod Touch- 7,000 songs 40 hours of video= $399.00

Can you listen to am radio on the ipod touch?


How do you put songs on a stolen ipod touch?

Since your iPod Touch is stolen, you will not be shown how to add songs. Stealing is an illegal act, and aid in criminal activity, which includes putting songs on a stolen iPod Touch.

Can you transfer songs from your iPod Nano to your iPod touch and if you can how do you do it?

You can go on iTunes with your ipod touch and you can put on the same songs that were on your nano that is how i did mine though Yes, you can. You can use iPod 2 iPod, it can help you transfer song from iPod Nano to your iPod touch.