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Where was Judaism founded?

jesus' crib
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What is gold's mass number?

The only stable, and only naturally-occurring isotope of gold has mass number of 197. This is the number of protons and neutrons in each nucleus. Gold's atomic number is 79. This is the number of protons found in each gold atom. This determines its place in the periodic table, and its chemical properties: it is the defining property of gold. A nucleus with a different number of neutrons and the same 79 protons would be a different isotope with a different mass number; a...
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How can you find the DD number in Demand Draft?

The first variable is the DD number which will of 6 digits, followed by 9 digit MICR code, then followed by the next 6 digits (may not exists in some banks) and lastly the 2 digit transaction code. ...
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What superstitious beliefs have a scientific basis?

Superstitious belief, by definition, have no scientific basis. Science requires that ideas are tested in a way that is repeatable and falsifiable. Falsifiable means that there must be a way that the test shows that a stated belief is not true, while most superstitions rely on metaphysical entities or powers that are so vague they can not be dis-proven. Here are some examples of superstitions, and where they may have come from. Breaking a mirror is seen as seven years of bad luck from...
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What accounting standards are used in Fiji?

The accounting standards used in Fiji are the International Accounting Standards, but are harmonized in various ways to be able to be applicable in Fiji. ...
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What are the tubes called that carry urine away from the kidneys to the urinary bladder?

As I believe has already been stated the Ureters, which are also the source of blockages from kidney stones. Not where they come from that is but where stones large enough usually 5 mm can cause blockages. 2 and 3 even 4 mm stones csn take up to 45 days to pass but usually do. The danger is if stones are present in both Ureters and are causing blockages then the urine can back...
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Why did doctors wear bird like face masks?

Mainly it was because when they were handing out potions, medicines, if the patient had a medical reaction to the medicine they could have a chance of catching an illness or at the worst, death. They wore masks to hide identity, so they werent a known man in the area, also so they didnt lose business. Another theory is that they wore the masks because it was widespread that birds spread the plague and if they wore it, this would direct...
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How do you calculate brass in sand?

The word "brass" refers to a measure of quantity for loose material (like sand, metal, etc). This term is common in India. One brass equals one hundred cubic feet volume. Calculate the volume of sand and divide by 100 cubic feet to get the number of brass units. ...
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What is the meaning of canal?

The place where you should jump and not swim up
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Explain the usage of JPanel with example?

JPanel() : creates a new panel with flow layout. add(Component c) : adds component to a specified container. setLayout(LayoutManager l) : sets the layout of the container to specified layout manager. updateUI() : resets the UI property with a value from the current look and feel....
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What is range?

What you do is that you subtract the smallest number & the largest number. For example: The numbers 24, 47, 78, & 36. Okay so the largest is 78 and the smallest is 24. So 78-24=54. 54 will be your range. ...
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How much does 1 liter of beer weighs in Kg?

depends on the type of beer, place of brewery and everything like that. There is no conversion from weight to capacity, without knowing density. Presuming that beer has a very similar (but slightly higher) density to water, then 1 litre should weigh a bit more than 1 kg. ...
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How do you use consumer in a sentence?

Humans are the top consumer in the world. Consumers use their resources to make a way of life. Producers are the animals and plants. Some animals could also be considered consumers to other animals and even humans, but ultimately humans are the top consumer. The consumer thought the price was high. Many consumers have been victimized by credit card scams. A human is a consumer, as it consumes other organisms for energy. The consumer ate the producer. The consumer of electronics was not happy to...
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What numbers add up to make 666?

666 is the sum of the first 36 numbers: 1+2+3+4... + 36 = 666. In the book of Revelation, it was most likely intended as a gematria reference; the sum of the numerals represented by hebrew letters in a name. Various candidates have been suggested throughout history. For example, the hebrew letters of "Caesar Nero" would sum to 666. The roman numerals in "Ellen Gould White" add to 666 (interpreting W as VV and U as V). If you use the code A=101, B=102,...
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How much does a cubic yard of gravel weigh?

A cubic foot of dry, loose gravel with 1/4" to 2" stones is 105 pounds per cubic foot. So, a cubic yard is that times 27, or 2835 lb. (There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.) ...
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Where can you get an ISI - Indian Standards Institute - mark for your product?

in forensic lab of govt of country. patent examiner
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Is a triangle supplementary or complementary?

Supplementary: two or more angles equal 180 degrees. Complementary: two or more angles equal 90 degrees. All three angles of a triangle will always add up to 180 degrees, therefore it is supplementary. ...
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Is there a refugee girl in Dakar Senegal asking for help?

Please do not fall for this nonsense. There are a hundred scam mails running around with the same story, they just change the girls name. The basic answer is that people claiming to be in such camps are trying to defraud you. Very few people in a refugee camp, if any, would have Internet access. Especially to the extent that these people have. If you have received an email from a person (especially a female) who claimed he/she is residing in a refugee camp...
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What is universal appeal in literature?

Literature in any language have some commonality and appeal that touches the human sensibility to feel and experience universal themes and relationship.The universal appeal may relate to the language,literary devices ,genres and stylistics in literature. ...
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How do you solve 4x3 equals 12x2-x-3 equals 0?

4x3= 12x2-x-3 The answers are x= -.4324426. or x= .6157299 or x= 2.816713 These are approximations. ...
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What are the 12 months of the year?

The 12 months of the year are: January February March April May June July August September October November December ...
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What is the metric equivalent of a butt load?

Get a load of this... There is an exact unit of volume called the butt. See Webster's dictionary: Butt: a measure of liquid capacity equal to 126 gallons or two hogs heads. From another dictionary: An English butt is 2 hogshead of 54 imperial gallons each or ~129.7 US gallons (i.e., a UK butt is apparently slightly bigger than a US one). A Spanish butt is based on a wine cask and is equivalent to 140 US gallons or ~116.6 UK gallons (i.e., a Spanish...