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the algae builds corals skeleton

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Q: A beneficial association between coral and algae is an example of what?
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What is an example of mutualism at the park?

lichen - an association between algae and fungi

What is a association between a fungus and a cyanobacteria or green algae is a?

A symbiotic relationship between a fungus and green algae or cyanobacterium is a lichen. This occurs because lichen are composite organisms that consist of a symbiotic association to a fungus with a photosynthetic partner. In this example the photosynthetic partner is the cyanobacteria.

Is lichen a cell?

Lichen is not a cell but a symboitic association between fungi and algae.

What does alga do?

Mutualism: mutually beneficial association between different kinds of organisms n Example: A clam and algae o The alga lives inside the shell of the clam and provides the clam with the oxygen and food the clam needs to survive. In return the clam supplies the alga with protection, carbon dioxide and nutrients.

What is an example of a beneficial protist?

The protophyta, or algae, are the protists which play the most beneficial role for humans. They create food and respirate oxygen.

Are lichens archaea?

No, because algae and archaea belong to different domains.

How do you call symbiotic ralation ship between fungi and blue green algae?

The Association of fungi with certain blue algae are called as LICHENS..! by: Sheik Adil

How is the association between algae and fungi beneficial to each other?

In lichens, the alga prepares food by photosynthesis and feeds the fungus, while the fungus absorbs water from the plant on which it is growing and protects the alga from the environment, hence both take benefit out of each other

What is the beneficial and harmful effects of the algae?

ewan ko

Why do sloths get a green coating on there fur?

Sloths will grow algae on their fur, it is a beneficial relationship for both parties since the sloth will get the algae closer to the sun so it can grow and gather nutrients, and the algae provides the sloth with beneficial nutrients which itabsorbsthrough its skin.

What is an example of blue green algae?

zygnema and spirogyra are examples of filamentous algae

What is an example of colonial organism?

example of colonial organisms red algae blue algae green algae volvox