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Q: A fossil fuel created from plant deposits millions of years ago?
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A fossil fuel created from plant deposits millions years ago?

coal :)

What is a fossil fuel created from plant deposits millions of years ago?


Fossil fuel created from plant deposits millions of years ago?

It is Coal

Fossil fuel created from plant deposits?

Coal, maybe?

A fossil fuel created from plant deposits million of years ago?


Can humans make fossil fuel?

No, because fossil fuel comes from fossilized plant material in the ground, and it takes many millions of years to be created.

Why coal is a fossil fuel?

Coal is a hydrocarbon rock formed from geologically trapped deposits of plant matter which were formed over millions of years. The oldest coal deposits are as much as 350 million years old; the youngest are about 15 million years old. Deposits that are younger than that do not have all the physical properties of coal--they are more like peat beds. Since it takes millions of years for coal to form, it is considered a fossil fuel, rather than a renewable resource.

What is a name for a animal and plant remains that are found in a rock after millions of years?

That would be a fossil.

What is a plant fossil?

a plant that is a fossil

Where did Oil and natural gas energy come from?

Oil and gas are fossil fuels and come from millions of year of earths pressure on the fossil and plant life that once existed. This is why they are nonrenewable.

Can a Egyptian mummy be a fossil?

No, a fossil is a plant or animal that has been covered in sand or silt and compressed over millions of years. A mummy is a dead person or animal that has been embalmed.

What is difference between a fossil and a brick?

A brick is an object made by people for use in construction. A fossil is a remnant, cast, or impression preserved in stone or coal of an animal or plant that died millions of years ago.

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