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Glial cells, or Neuroglia, are capable of mitosis

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Q: Are Neurons are mitotic and therefore are responsible for most brain neoplasms.?
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Are neurons mitotic?


Are neuroglia or neuron likely to give rise to tumor why?

Neuroglia are non conductive and provide a support system for the neurons. They are not likely to spread, but doctors still treat them as malignant and treat the symptoms.

Is mitotic cell division responsible for reproduction in some organisms?

Great Q'n, needs to be persued: = Help Pls -

What is responsible for forming spindle during mitosis?

The centrioles within the cell form the mitotic spindle.

What organelle is a key part in mitotic spindle?

If you look at certain pictures taken of the spindles/an artists representation of them, you will find that the nucleus, the mitochondria, and the Golgi Apparatus all play a significant role in mitotic spindles.

What is the noun for mitotic?

The word 'mitotic' is the adjective form of the noun mitosis.

What are the genetic consequences of mitotic cell division for the resulting daughter cells?

The genetic consequence of mitotic cell division is that the resulting daughter cells are genetically identical to each other and to the parent cell. This is because the DNA is accurately replicated and evenly distributed between the daughter cells during mitosis. Therefore, no genetic variation is introduced during mitotic cell division.

Which type of tissue would have a higher mitotic index normal tissue or cancerous tissue?

Cancer cells have higher mitotic index because they have a mutation in the DNA so they reproduce uncontrollably and therefore divide faster which means they have a higher mitotic index. ex. In a normal lung tissue, % of cells dividing is 5% while in a cancerous lung the % of cells divding is 25 %

A structure called the mitotic can be seen between the centrioles of animal cells when cells are reproducing?

mitotic spindle

The cloning of cells involves in the process of?

Mitotic cell division. #3 on castlelearning(;

Why is variation not possible in mitotic division of cells?

Mitosis does not lead to the formation of chromosomes with new combination. In meiosis as a result of crossing over, chromosomes with new combinations are formed which are responsible for variation.

What is a mitotic lesion?

A mitotic lesion is one in which there is an increased rate of mitosis in cells. This can be indicative of cancer where there is abnormal proliferation of cells.