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Insects. Humans produce, through respiration (breathing) about 2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. If you add the production of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and other human industry (26 billiion metric tons) and the respiration of domesticated animals (6 billion metric tons), the total carbon dioxide production that can be blamed on humans, directly or indirectly, is 34 billion metric tons. Insects, through respiration, produce 48 billion metric tons.

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Q: Do humans or insects produce more carbon dioxide?
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Do any plants produce as much carbon dioxide as humans?

They produce oxygen not carbon dioxide.

Do humans have carbon dioxide?

Humans produce carbon dioxide through respiration; when humans breathe out, they exhale more carbon dioxide than they had breathed in.

Do humans give plants carbon dioxide or oxygen?

Humans take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.

What are some of the natural sourses of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Animals and humans produce carbon dioxide naturally.

How do humans produce carbon dioxide?

Through cellular respiration.

What produes carbon dioxide?

Humans and animals produce carbon dioxide (CO2). They breath in oxygen, and in the mitochondria of cells, it creates carbon dioxide.

Do Factory's make carbon dioxide?

Only factories that use and burn coal produce carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Forest fires and humans produce the most carbon dioxide.

How is carbon dioxide produce naturally?

Carbon Dioxide is produced naturally by the exhalation of air in humans beings and animals.

Carbon dioxide one person produce?

The amount of carbon that one person produces in a day is estimated to be 900 grams. Humans produce carbon dioxide when they breathe out.

Does Carbon Dioxide Attract Bees?

Carbon dioxide attracts many insects to humans including mosquitoes. Bees attracted to carbon dioxide include the Africanized honey bee.

What is the greenhouse gas that humans produce the most of?

CO2 or Carbon Dioxide.

Can people live out with carbon dioxide?

No, carbon dioxide is required by the plants for respiration. These plants in turn produce oxygen that is used by humans.

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