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We regenerate constantly in a way, in terms of cells. I'm going to give an answer that strays this topic a bit, but it should help you all understand . We don't regenerate in that sort of aspect. Our cells multiply (which is a form of regeneration because mostly when our cells multiply most of the old ones die after a while, and there are small string like things attached to each cell that over time (in terms of ageing and multiplying) get shorter and shorter untill it runs out and leaves the cell open causing them all to burst or defect) (death by old age) this can even kill you if your medically healthy and is just the way of life. Unless we can preserve these cells or live without them, living over 120-30 is pretty much impossible. Oh and may I add that the multiple rapid cell regen (some forms of cancer) is so hard to survive for a long time is because if its left for too long our cells will multiply so much either causing burst or defect, or overloads. I hope I explained this okay - basically we don't regenerate in the form you are talking about, but we are constantly regenerating/forming new cells which is somewhat a form of regeneration


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I am 91 years old according with this theory my body has been renovates 13 times I hope I can get up to 15 times, hat was the times my mothers' body had changes.

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Q: Does the human body regenerate every 7 years?
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