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== == Platelets: surface when you get cut and clogs the bleeding (scabs) white blood cells: fight against bacterias and viruses

red blood cells: Carry "food" and oxygen == ==
their both in your body, they both can only be seen through a microscope, their both cells(blood), they both benefit your body, and you need them both to survive that's all i could think of
All i know about red blood cells is that they are part of your first line defence. White blood cells on the other hand are your second line of defence and they find diseases/pathogens and find them, some may just 'eat up' the pathogens but others will make antibodies which put antigens on the pathogens and kill them.

That is what i think as i have just done about it in science! Year 8
well it is quite obvious whrn you think about it.............THEY ARE BOTH CELLS. see the simplist way of doing it just think what they both have in common plus blah blah blah blah blah!EASY!!tfjtfhbdgffhg

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Q: How are red blood cells white blood cells platelets and skin cells alike?
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