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Cells in and around the meristems are the only ones that divide. Once the cell has been pushed past the meristematic zone, it stops dividing. Meristematic cells are also undifferentiated, they have not yet developed specializations such as vascular or dermal tissue.

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the mitochondaria are complex,oval shaped organelles.they proudce energy for the cell.this energy is used in the cell in various activies

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meristematic and parmanat tissue

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Q: How do cells in a meristem differ from cells in other types of plant tissue?
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What is a meristem tissues?

It consists of undifferentiated cells in a plant, which form other tissues and, among other things, allow the plant to grow. They are analogous to "stem cells" in animals, which form various types of cells.

Where is a meristem often found?

An apical meristem is of each root tip is a dividing zone that forms new cells in two directions. The meristem produces new cells in front of itself that become a loose fitting rootcap. Layers of cells in this cap are continually brushed off as the root elongates between soil particles. The cap is perpetually renewed by tiers od cells being formed and pushed down from the meristem.

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Connective tissue is made of cells, and cells do not contain other cells (if they are healthy; bacterial infection would be an exception). Cells do contain structural elements that connect them to other cells, but that is not the same thing as connective tissue.

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Blood is not a connective tissue, blood is a bodily fluid that carries oxygen in and out of the body. Connective tissues hold parts of the body together.

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Somatic tissue is all tissue other than reproductive cells.

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Inspite of other cells platelets do;nt contains mitocondria.

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RBC has no nucleus

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What does the tissue in your body?

it help the cells kill the other cells and comebaned that togather

Do the cells beneath the formative phase differ from each other?

due to their structure and function they are differ from each other