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Q: How many chromosomes are in a spermatogonium?
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How many chromosomes does a spermatogonium have?

46, diploid

How does fertilization restores the diploid number of chromosome in an orgaism with a haploid chromosome of 8 how many chromosomes are present in the spermatogonium?

it multiplies itself

How many spermatozoa are produced by spermatogonium?

during spermatogenesis 1 spermatogonium gives rise to 4 spermatozoa

How many sperms form from meiosis?

four per spermatogonium

How many sperm cells are produced from one spermatogonium?


How many haploid spermatid are formed from one diploid spermatogonium?


What is primitive stem cell?


Why do you get sperm?

I get sperm for my biological purpose. That is, to sexually reproduce. If you are a male; I would assume that's the same reason why you get sperm. If your female; then I'm worried deeply about you. If you're wondering where sperm comes from or how it's made... I can tell you that it's made from the human body. Specifically, by the DNA which provides information to create the sperm cells (like a manual). The making of sperm is called spermatogenesis. Sperm are basically complex cells which simply contain the males genetic code. Sperm cells come from spermatogonium. Spermatogonium contains 46 chromosomes. It duplicates it DNA and divides by meiosis. One cell becomes a Spermatogonium (which will undergo this process again) and another becomes a primary spermatocyte, each cell has 46 chromosomes. The spermatocyte divides by meiosis to produce two secondary spermatocytes, each containing 23 chromosomes. These divide again to provide spermatids, each with 23 chromosomes. Then the spermatids differentiate into sperm cells, all containing 23 chromosomes which will be paired up with 23 others upon fertilization (sex). Spermatogenesis takes place in the testicles.

How many chromosomes in the stomach?

how many chromosomes are in the stomach?

If a sex cell has 12 chromosomes how many chromosomes will there be after fertilization?

If a sex cell has 12 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will there be after fertilization?

How many chromosomes are in 1 pair of chromosomes?

One pair of chromosomes is two chromosomes.

How many chromosomes does algae have?

algae, can have as many as 140 chromosomes

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