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A sweet gum is a simple leaf.

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Q: Is a sweet gum leaf a simple or compound leaf?
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What is the shape of a sweet gum tree leaf?

This leaf is a star-shaped leaf.

What does a sweet gum leaf look like?

I am trying to figure out what a gum leaf looks like? We have a leaf bud that my son caught and we want to feed it. I think they eat gum leafs?

Are sweet gum leaves alternate or opposite?

Sweet Gum is an Alternate.

How do you play a gum leaf?

Take one large gum leaf. With your fingernail, scratch off a small piece of the flesh of the leaf from one side, leaving the membrane of the other side exposed. It is slightly transparent if done successfully. With your lips pursed, blow across the exposed membrane to make a sound. Accomplished gum leaf players can get simple tunes out of the vibrating edge of the membrane.

What are facts about the sweet gum tree?

You make gum out of it

Is bubble gum a sweet?

yes bubble gum is a sweet so if you have given sweets up for lent don't have bubble gum!

Is a sweet gum a fruit?

no its not

Is a Sweet gum tree angiosperm or gymnosperm?

a sweet gum tree is an angiosperm because it is a flowering plant

What is the scientific name for a Sweet Gum tree?

the scientific name for a sweet gum tree is liquidamber styracyflua

What is the scientific name of a sweet gum tree?

the scientific name for the sweet gum tree is liquidamber styracyflua

Why birds peck holes in sweet gum trees?

Birds peck holes in Sweet Gum trees because they are looking for food. The bark of the Sweet Gum is soft making it easy to peck while looking for small insects.

What is a gum leaf instrument?

It of course is a Instrument you play. You rip off some of the Gum Leaf's skin, and put your lips on it and blow, there you will make a sound.

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