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Q: Physical or chemical agents that cause mutations on genes are called?
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What causes of genetic mutation?

Mutations are changes in the nucleotide sequences in a genome. Most often, these minor mistaks are corrected by in-built repair mechanisms and many mutations go unnoticed an are not harmful. Harmful mutations cause diseases in many cases. There are several factors that promote the formation of mutations. These factors are called mutagenic agents. Mutagenic agents are divided into: chemical and physical mutagens. UV radiation is an example of a physical mutagen and Nitrous acid is an expample of a chemical mutagen

Why are mutations called agents of change?


What is the introduction of chemical physical or biological agents into water that degrade the water called?


What is Induced mutation?

Mutations which are artifically induced with the help of mutagenic agents are called induced mutations

What are some causes of mutations in DNA?

Mutations in DNA are caused by physical or chemical agents called mutagens. Physical mutagens include X-rays or UV light, which cause thymine dimers in DNA. Chemical mutagens can disrupt DNA in many different ways: incorrectly pairing bases during DNA replication, distorting the double helix of DNA, or chemically changing bases so that they have different pairing properties. An error in the repair of damaged DNA

What chemical agents produce temporary disabling conditions that can be physical or mental after agent has ceased?

These substances are called pharmaceuticals drugs.

Can chemical and physical changes be called chemical and physical reactions?

yes it can be called physical and chemical reaction

Common mutagenic agents include?

In genetics, a mutagen (Latin, literally origin of change) is a physical or chemical agent that changes the genetic material, usually DNA, of an organism and thus increases the frequency of mutations above the natural background level. As many mutations cause cancer, mutagens are therefore also likely to be carcinogens. Not all mutations are caused by mutagens: so-called "spontaneous mutations" occur due to spontaneous hydrolysis, errors in DNA replication, repair and recombination. This is from wiki hope it helps

Mutations that occur at random are called?

Mutations that occur at random are called spontaneous mutations.

Elements in a column are called a These elements have similar chemical and physical properties?

These elements have similar chemical and physical properties.

Elements in a column are called . These elements have similar chemical and physical properties.?

These elements have similar chemical and physical properties.

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